Saturday, November 7, 2009

More New Planet 51 Coloring Pages

Ok. Planet 51 promotional machine is getting into high gear. TV spots and posters are everywhere. And kids are getting excited.

So it's time for more coloring pages. Just to keep them occupied :)

Presenting a great new collection. Just for you. Cause we have nothing else to do but make coloring pages ;)

Here we go:

Right click. Save. Print...

Have fun!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Planet 51 Coloring Pages

With stars like Jessica Biel, Gary Oldman and John Clease Planet 51 has a good chance of drawing the public into the cinemas. Especially given how enticing the trailers look. Though its only coming out on November 20, the kids are already getting ready. And to help them get excited here are some nice new free Planet 51 coloring pages.

Now, don't these guys (gals?) look cute? Wouldn't you want to chill on their backyard? Wouldn't humans look a bit monstrous to them, don't you think? Especially in space suits... Ouch...

Bring on the crayons!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome to Planet 51 Coloring Pages

What if we were the aliens? Seriously, why is it the we are always the ones visited and freaked out about it? Wouldn't it be fun to have it the other way around?

I think that's the premise of the Planet 51 film that will be hitting the theaters this November. It looks like so much fun that kids are bound to like it.

Which is why we are busy prepping some great quality Planet 51 coloring pages, free and printable, to be featured right here.

So check back and get the crayons and the printers ready!